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Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of the domestic and foreign wall coatings market

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Analysis of the current situation and development prospects of the domestic and foreign wall coatings market

(Summary description)InChina,ceramictiles,mosaics,marbles,curtainwalls,andclaybrickshavebeenthemaindecorativematerialsforbuildingexteriorwallsforalongtime,andcoatingsaccountforonlyasmallpart.Theexteriorwallthermalinsulationcoatinghaslowthermalconductivity,easyconstruction,oilresistance,acidresistance,alkaliresistance,andlowpollutioncoefficient.Itiscurrentlythemostidealthermalinsulationmaterialintheexternalwallinsulationindustry.FoshanNanhaiXinchengBuildingMaterialsCo.,Ltd.isaprofessionalbuildinghigh-qualityEuropeanarchitecturalexteriorwalldecorationbrandcompany.Asaprofessionalandlarge-scaleenterprise,ithasalwaysbeenadheringtothebusinessphilosophyof"people-oriented,excellence,andservice-oriented",integratingtheconfidenceandOptimistic,positiveandprogressivespirit,continuousinnovationandenterprising,high-qualityproductqualityandperfectservicearehighlyrespectedbycustomers.   A.Thedevelopmentofexteriorwallcoatingsneedsrationalguidance   InChina,theexteriorwalldecorationmaterialsofbuildingshavebeenmainlyceramictiles,mosaics,marbles,curtainwalls,andclaybricksforalongtime,andcoatingsaccountforonlyasmallpart.Comparedwiththesituationwheremorethan80%oftheexteriorwalldecorationofbuildingsindevelopedcountriesusespaint,thereisabiggap.Forthissituation,industryinsiderspointedoutthatthemainreasonisthatthequalityofdomesticcoatingsislow.After2to3yearsofuse,agingphenomenasuchaslossofgloss,fading,peeling,peeling,andchalkinghaveseriouslyaffectedtheeffectofexteriorwalldecoration.Foralongtime,ithasformedtheconsumerconceptthatpaintisalow-gradedecorationandisnotsuitableforhigh-endexteriorwalldecorationrequirements.Atthesametime,thelow-pricebiddingbehaviorofmanydevelopmentcompanieshasalsocausedlow-qualitycoatingstoenterthemarket,whichinturnaffectedthedevelopmentoftheentireindustry.Althoughthecurrentsituationisworrying,brandcompaniesinthecoatingsindustrystillmakeunremittingeffortstoguidethemarket.   Thedifficultgameofexteriorwallpaint   Foralongtime,theuseofexteriorwallcoatingsseemstobethespokespersonof"low-end"projects.Althoughtherearenorealstatistics,thisknowledgeiswidelyspreadintheconstructionindustry.   strangecircle   China'sarchitecturalcoatingsindustryalwaysseemstobewalkinginastrangecircle.Theconceptisveryadvanced,butthequalityandapplicationaspectsareslightlyimproved.Theso-calledstrangecircleisthecontrastbetweenpolicysupportandthedifficultbreakthroughofhigh-qualityproducts.Asearlyasafewyearsago,thelocalgovernmentsofBeijing,Shanghai,Chongqing,Jiangsu,Dalianandotherlocalgovernmentshaveclearlystipulatedthathigh-risebuildingsmustbedecoratedwithexteriorwallpaint,andtheuseofmosaicsisprohibited.Restricttheuseofceramictilesontheexteriorwallsofresidentialbuildings,andpromotetheuseofhigh-qualityexteriorwallcoatings.   Policyencouragementhasstrengthenedcorporateconfidence,andtheinfluxofalargenumberofcompanieshasmadethemarket"lively".However,duetothelowbarrierstoentryinthecoatingsindustry,theunevenqualityofmanufacturingcompanies,inadequateregulatorypolicies,andlow-pricecompetition,althoughtheproductsareveryabundant,fromstyrene-acryliccoatingstosiliconestofluorocarbonpaints,thelifespanrangesfrom3to10yearsProductsupto15yearsareavailable,butthetransactionsinthemarketareoftenconcentratedonlow-endproducts,andtherearefewproductswithhighweatherresistanceandhighstainresistance.   Theembarrassingsituationisthatthebuildingspaintedwithlow-qualitypaintsquicklybecomeoldanddiscoloredwithinafewyears.Althougharchitecturalcoatingshavegoodprospects,theyhavenogoodreputation.   Thelow-pricebiddingstrategiesofsomedevelopershavecontributedtothissituation.Inmanycases,inordertoreduceprocurementcosts,thecostofexteriorwallcoatingsforsomeprojectsisonly5yuan/squaremeter(thenormalpaintcostshouldbe15yuan/squaremeter),and1kgofpaintcanbeappliedto3~4squaremeters.(0.3kg/squaremeteristhenormaldosageoflatexpaintcoating;thedosageofimitationstonepaintis4kg/squaremeter),evenwhenthereisalotofwaterseepage,itcanbebrushedto5squaremeters,andthethicknessisonly0.1mm.   Thisway,itisimpossibletoblockthesunlightandrainerosion.Ifthefacadeofarealestateusesathickprocesswhenpaintingthepaintproducts,3kgofpaintisappliedto1squaremeter,andthethicknessisabout2mm.Thisprocesswillnotonlymakethewallbreathableandstainresistant,butalsonotCracked.However,inChina,realestatesthatusethistechnologyandusebetterproductsonlyhavea10%marketshare.   Moreoften,duetopricefactorsandthebiddingpoliciesofmanydevelopersatlowprices,wecanonlywithdraw.ManyofAstec'shigh-quality,technicallygoodcoatingproductscanonlybetemporarilyputinthelaboratoryandcannotgotothemarket.   Rationalguidance   Althoughthecurrentsituationisworrying,brandcompaniesinthecoatingsindustryarestilltryingtoguidethemarket."Asfarascoatingproductsareconcerned,thereisindeedadistinctionbetweenhigh,mediumandlowgrades.Productswithbetterperformance,suchasfluorocarbonpaintsystems,haveverygoodweatherresistance,colorandglossretention,andthenormaluseofthepaintfilmcanlastaslongas20years.Secondly,siliconeandacrylicsystemsalsohavegoodweatherresistance,andthepaintfilmcanbeusedformorethan8ye

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In China, ceramic tiles, mosaics, marbles, curtain walls, and clay bricks have been the main decorative materials for building exterior walls for a long time, and coatings account for only a small part. The exterior wall thermal insulation coating has low thermal conductivity, easy construction, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and low pollution coefficient. It is currently the most ideal thermal insulation material in the external wall insulation industry. Foshan Nanhai Xincheng Building Materials Co., Ltd. is a professional building high-quality European architectural exterior wall decoration brand company. As a professional and large-scale enterprise, it has always been adhering to the business philosophy of "people-oriented, excellence, and service-oriented", integrating the confidence and Optimistic, positive and progressive spirit, continuous innovation and enterprising, high-quality product quality and perfect service are highly respected by customers.
  A. The development of exterior wall coatings needs rational guidance
  In China, the exterior wall decoration materials of buildings have been mainly ceramic tiles, mosaics, marbles, curtain walls, and clay bricks for a long time, and coatings account for only a small part. Compared with the situation where more than 80% of the exterior wall decoration of buildings in developed countries uses paint, there is a big gap. For this situation, industry insiders pointed out that the main reason is that the quality of domestic coatings is low. After 2 to 3 years of use, aging phenomena such as loss of gloss, fading, peeling, peeling, and chalking have seriously affected the effect of exterior wall decoration. For a long time, it has formed the consumer concept that paint is a low-grade decoration and is not suitable for high-end exterior wall decoration requirements. At the same time, the low-price bidding behavior of many development companies has also caused low-quality coatings to enter the market, which in turn affected the development of the entire industry. Although the current situation is worrying, brand companies in the coatings industry still make unremitting efforts to guide the market.
  The difficult game of exterior wall paint
   For a long time, the use of exterior wall coatings seems to be the spokesperson of "low-end" projects. Although there are no real statistics, this knowledge is widely spread in the construction industry.
   strange circle
   China's architectural coatings industry always seems to be walking in a strange circle. The concept is very advanced, but the quality and application aspects are slightly improved. The so-called strange circle is the contrast between policy support and the difficult breakthrough of high-quality products. As early as a few years ago, the local governments of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Jiangsu, Dalian and other local governments have clearly stipulated that high-rise buildings must be decorated with exterior wall paint, and the use of mosaics is prohibited. Restrict the use of ceramic tiles on the exterior walls of residential buildings, and promote the use of high-quality exterior wall coatings.
   Policy encouragement has strengthened corporate confidence, and the influx of a large number of companies has made the market "lively". However, due to the low barriers to entry in the coatings industry, the uneven quality of manufacturing companies, inadequate regulatory policies, and low-price competition, although the products are very abundant, from styrene-acrylic coatings to silicones to fluorocarbon paints, the life span ranges from 3 to 10 years Products up to 15 years are available, but the transactions in the market are often concentrated on low-end products, and there are few products with high weather resistance and high stain resistance.
  The embarrassing situation is that the buildings painted with low-quality paints quickly become old and discolored within a few years. Although architectural coatings have good prospects, they have no good reputation.
   The low-price bidding strategies of some developers have contributed to this situation. In many cases, in order to reduce procurement costs, the cost of exterior wall coatings for some projects is only 5 yuan/square meter (the normal paint cost should be 15 yuan/square meter), and 1 kg of paint can be applied to 3~4 square meters. (0.3kg/square meter is the normal dosage of latex paint coating; the dosage of imitation stone paint is 4kg/square meter), even when there is a lot of water seepage, it can be brushed to 5 square meters, and the thickness is only 0.1 mm.
   This way, it is impossible to block the sunlight and rain erosion. If the facade of a real estate uses a thick process when painting the paint products, 3 kg of paint is applied to 1 square meter, and the thickness is about 2 mm. This process will not only make the wall breathable and stain resistant, but also not Cracked. However, in China, real estates that use this technology and use better products only have a 10% market share.
   More often, due to price factors and the bidding policies of many developers at low prices, we can only withdraw. Many of Astec's high-quality, technically good coating products can only be temporarily put in the laboratory and cannot go to the market.
  Rational guidance
   Although the current situation is worrying, brand companies in the coatings industry are still trying to guide the market. "As far as coating products are concerned, there is indeed a distinction between high, medium and low grades. Products with better performance, such as fluorocarbon paint systems, have very good weather resistance, color and gloss retention, and the normal use of the paint film can last as long as 20 years. Secondly, silicone and acrylic systems also have good weather resistance, and the paint film can be used for more than 8 years. And low-end products, because of their poor weather resistance, are not lack of fading in 2 to 3 years.
  B. Market opportunities for exterior thermal insulation coatings for buildings
  The external wall insulation system is the product of a large-scale policy work carried out by European countries to alleviate energy problems during the global oil crisis in the 1970s. Building exterior wall thermal insulation and energy saving has only a development history of more than ten years in my country. Previously, due to the inactivity of relevant departments, real estate developers' awareness of building energy saving has been weakened. The market has been tepid, and there are not many companies that are really engaged in exterior wall thermal insulation and energy saving. Now, with the support of national policies and market demand, more companies and investors have begun to pay attention to the industry of building exterior wall insulation.
   With the development of the external wall insulation market, the insulation industry will gradually move towards standardization, and technology, products, brands, channels, and competitive environment will all be improved. As the country pays more attention to the issue of building energy conservation, the building exterior wall energy conservation and thermal insulation industry has attracted more and more attention. my country’s building energy efficiency standards have been increased from the previous 30% to 50%, and some first-tier cities such as Beijing and Shanghai require energy efficiency standards to reach 65%. As the promulgation of this standard is highly valued by relevant national departments, various localities have made key deployments in the real estate and construction industries, and have issued a number of related policies, and even buildings that do not meet the standards will not be approved. This has brought unprecedented opportunities to the entire building exterior wall insulation industry.
Building exterior wall insulation is an industry that has just begun to spread in the past two years. Except for municipalities, provincial capitals and other economically developed cities, the state has begun to require residential and public buildings to be And cities below the prefecture level have not yet specified requirements. In provincial capital cities and other places, many places have just begun to respond to national policies to promote thermal insulation and energy conservation. There are still most of the blank markets in the country. Even in cities where external thermal insulation for buildings has been popularized in Beijing and Tianjin, market competition has just begun and is still in the early stages, and the competition is not too fierce.
   The exterior wall insulation industry has the obvious characteristics of a sunrise industry: emerging industries, the industry has a faster development speed, higher profits, large market demand, and broad development prospects.
  Building exterior finish material coating is the first choice
  External insulation can not only solve the problem of insulation, but also reduce the thickness of the wall that is too rich for mechanical requirements, and also reduce the cost of civil construction. External wall insulation is currently the most effective energy-saving method for building energy saving. As the application of its exterior finishing materials, building insulation coatings are still the first choice.
In my country, the mature and recommended external wall insulation systems include: polystyrene board thin-plastered external wall external insulation system, rubber powder polystyrene particle thermal insulation slurry external wall external insulation system, and cast-in-place concrete composite without net Polystyrene board external wall external insulation system, cast-in-place concrete composite polystyrene board steel wire mesh frame board external wall external insulation system, mechanically fixed polystyrene board steel wire grid board external wall external insulation system. In addition, external wall insulation systems such as rock wool, polyurethane, and extruded polystyrene boards have also been developed and applied. For building energy conservation in Western European and American countries, the currently widely used external wall external insulation system is mainly a thin plastering method of external insulation board. There are two kinds of insulation materials: flame-retardant expanded polystyrene board and non-combustible rock wool board. Use paint as the exterior layer. The application of external thermal insulation system in Europe was originally to compensate for wall cracks.
   Exterior wall thermal insulation coating has low thermal conductivity, easy construction, oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, and low pollution coefficient. It is currently the most ideal thermal insulation material in the external wall insulation industry. There are many varieties of exterior wall thermal insulation coatings, including ceramic thermal insulation coatings, hydrophobic silicic acid thermal insulation coatings, rubber powder polystyrene particles external wall thermal insulation coatings and so on. The ceramic thermal insulation coating is a water-based liquid coating, which is made of ultra-fine hollow ceramic beads after pretreatment and high-quality emulsion. It has extremely high heat reflectivity and emissivity, which can effectively reduce the cooling and cooling of buildings in summer. Energy consumption for heating in winter. The hydrophobic silicic acid thermal insulation coating is composed of high-quality sepiolite velvet, aluminum silicate fiber, expanded perlite, organic silicon and other high-quality thermal insulation materials and high molecular polymers. It has excellent thermal insulation properties and is widely used in walls. Insulation of body, tank, cold storage, pipeline, etc. Rubber powder polystyrene particle exterior wall thermal insulation coating is a new type of thermal insulation material, consisting of two main components: rubber powder and polystyrene particles.
At present, relatively good exterior wall insulation coatings have good weather resistance, low thermal conductivity, stable insulation performance, high softening coefficient, freeze-thaw resistance, and anti-aging; the base layer has strong adaptability to deformation and effectively prevents wall cracks; The system has no cavity, strong resistance to negative wind pressure, suitable for multi-storey and high-rise buildings; good air permeability, strong breathing function, not only has good waterproof function, but also can dissolve the moisture in the insulation layer; the construction is convenient and fast, It can be constructed at multiple points and levels; the fire resistance level can reach B1 and above and many other comprehensive advantages.
  C、Proposals for the development of external wall insulation coating companies
   1. Create a good economic environment and continuously improve the overall quality of the industry and the enterprise
Innovate the industrial development model, and strive to change the backward development model that mainly relied on external sources, large investment, and high energy consumption. According to the scientific development concept, shifted to relying on scientific and technological progress, adjusting structure, optimizing configuration, and strengthening The model of management and improving the skills of workers will comprehensively improve the development quality of the coating industry in Shunde.
Strengthen the introduction and training of various types of high-quality talents in technology development, management, trade, marketing, etc., and create a group of socially recognized expert talents; promote the integration of industry, learning, and research, and promote the creation of a number of new products, and promote new technologies and new technologies. Industrialization of material scientific research results; increase the protection and development of intellectual property rights, organize high-standard Chinese and foreign exchange activities such as industrial forums, intellectual property lectures, etc.; severely crack down on counterfeit and inferior infringement and illegal activities, and create respect for talents, knowledge, and respect A good social atmosphere for academic, protection and innovation.
  2. Build a complete innovation system of technological innovation, management innovation and marketing innovation
   Actively guide qualified paint manufacturers to establish technology research and development centers to improve independent innovation capabilities. Support enterprises to carry out various activities of technological innovation service system; assist enterprises to increase investment in product research and development, develop environmentally friendly coating products that are pollution-free, non-toxic, and high in science and technology, and improve the overall technical level of green production and green manufacturing in the coating industry; Open a green channel for coating companies to enter the international market, and ensure the leading position of Shunde coatings in terms of information, technology, process flow, and grade. Promote product innovation, continuously innovate products, improve product quality and decorative effects, and strive to create a number of famous, tenable, well-selling and influential paint brands at home and abroad.
   Develop various forms of paint circulation models, improve the existing paint marketing methods based on wholesale and retail, develop a large number of professional paint marketing companies, appropriately develop paint specialty stores, chain stores, and specialty stores, and guide online paint sales. Establish coating after-sales service specifications to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Pay attention to the transportation and construction of coatings to ensure the ultimate realization of the use value and quality of coatings.
  3. Create a first-class market environment and actively explore the international market
   Strengthen quality management, product certification and standardization. Actively guide enterprises to carry out iso9000 quality system certification, and improve the management level of enterprises through certification. Establish the Shunde Paint Quality Standards Committee, establish a scientific paint standard system that conforms to international standards and the reality of my country's paint industry, and provides standards and basis for enterprise production, development, management, and trade. Encourage quality inspection institutions to accelerate the process of marketization in accordance with the requirements of market economic laws, and develop scientific research quality inspection institutions within large enterprises. Introduce and promote the implementation of isol4000 environmental management series standards in the industry to produce and provide green environmental protection coatings for the society. Improve the awareness of green and environmentally friendly coatings among the society and coating companies, establish a scientific and effective environmental protection system, and achieve the unity of economic, social and environmental benefits.
   Actively explore the international market and use various forms to establish the international image of Shunde paint products. Qualified enterprises should actively develop overseas distributors, establish their own sales networks overseas, and invest overseas to establish marketing centers, distribution centers and production plants. Actively use modern information technology to carry out online transactions.
  4. Strengthen enterprise informatization construction and implement a batch of informatization demonstration projects
   Improve the informatization level of the coating industry, and use informatization to drive the development of coating industrialization. The coating industry in Shunde must collect information extensively, accumulate data, analyze and study problems in the development of the industry and enterprises, and propose solutions to problems. Support enterprises to select a batch of mature and advanced software technologies such as mrp/erp/crm, and apply them to all aspects of enterprise management, new product development, logistics, marketing, etc., to improve enterprise e-commerce, clean environmental protection, energy regeneration and other advanced productivity levels, Optimize production and management processes to improve enterprise production efficiency and economic benefits.
   Make full use of the existing fine chemicals, coatings and other resources of various universities, colleges and universities to cultivate special talents for the coatings industry. Carry out undergraduate education and vocational education. Actively carry out educational reform, focusing on practice, operation, and innovation. Encourage private individuals, enterprises, and multiple channels to invest in the establishment of chemical and coating middle and higher education institutions.
  D, the development prospects of the exterior wall insulation coating industry are broad
External wall insulation has a huge market prospect. Although many coating companies have seized this development opportunity and successfully entered the external wall insulation industry, in the development of external wall insulation for more than ten years, the entire building external wall insulation industry has been in a small scale. In a noisy state, companies do their own things and rarely communicate on the technology market. Therefore, so far, the industry has not had a national and professional well-known external wall insulation coating brand.
Prior to the official promulgation of relevant national regulations, exterior wall thermal insulation coatings have not been paid attention to. Until today, relatively backward exterior wall thermal insulation materials and processes are still used in some cities. It is understood that the domestic market, some large cities, especially first-tier cities The external insulation of external walls is relatively good. For example, in large cities such as Beijing and Shanghai, the use of backward materials and processes is basically restricted; however, the market order of external insulation of buildings in many secondary cities or other small cities is chaotic. The materials and construction techniques used are obviously relatively backward. However, the market demand for exterior wall thermal insulation materials is still huge. With the development of the economy and the further improvement of the national external wall thermal insulation industry related policies, the external wall thermal insulation materials market will be further expanded and standardized. As an ideal material, the market space for exterior wall thermal insulation coatings will be even greater. For the vast.
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